Volume 22, Issue 2 p. 89-96

Book Reviews

First published: June 1995
Citations: 1


Book reviewed in this article:

Educational Reform and its Consequences , Sally Tomlinson (ed.) (1994)

Health Options: Complementary Therapies for Cerebral Palsy and Related Conditions , Andrew Vickers (1994)

Handicap: A Parents' Guide to Helping your Child , Andrew Brereton (1994)

A Special Partnership: a Practical Guide for Named Persons and Parents of Children with Special Educational Needs , Linda Kerr, Liz Sutherland and Joyce Wilson (1994)

Making Leisure Provision for People with Profound Learning and Multiple Disabilities , James Hogg and Judith Cavet (eds.) (1995)

History for All , Judy Sebba (1994)

Geography for All , Judy Sebba (1995)

Autism: An Introduction to Psychological Theory , Francesca Happé (1994)

Helping Children with Reading and Spelling , Rea Reason and Rene Boote (1994)

Listen to Me: Communicating the Needs of People with Profund Intellectual and Multiple Disabilities , Pat Fitton (1994)

The Development of Early Communication and Feeding , Juliet Goldbart, Jennifer Warner and Helen Mount (1994)